How a Professional Resume Writing Service Helps Frustrated Job Applicants

When someone has been applying for new career opportunities and is not even getting called for an interview, the resume and cover letter might be the problem. A Professional Resume Writer can help revamp these documents so they are more effective and compelling.

The Fundamentals

These writers have learned what human resources departments and managers in charge of hiring look for in resumes and cover letters. They have also learned that a significant percentage of job applicants is not careful enough when crafting these documents. Some companies immediately discard any application materials that have even one spelling mistake or noticeable grammar error.

Many individuals figure that spelling and grammar checks in word processing software take care of those problems, but this is far from accurate. Too many words sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Spell checkers can’t catch those types of errors, such as when someone mixes up stationary and stationery.

Applicant Tracking Systems

A writer with a professional resume service understands that many companies now use applicant tracking systems, in which all resumes are scanned into a database without being read by any humans first. Human resources employees use this database to find suitable candidates for open positions, and they do so by searching for keywords. If applicants send in documents without these keywords, their resume will never be considered.

Precise Details About Achievements

People in charge of hiring often prefer resumes that demonstrate accomplishments and achievements other than just listing job descriptions and the dates worked. They feel irritated when a resume contains irrelevant information that is a waste of time for the person reading it.

The inclusion of precise details instead of vague information is appreciated by those in charge of hiring. Resumes crafted with an organization like APEX Career Services will include these details rather than generalized text that is not very descriptive. This process often requires consultation with the customer.

For instance, consider a throwaway sentence like, “I won several awards while completing my bachelor’s degree and in my first three years of work.” This hints at the candidate’s impressiveness, but leaves the reader wondering exactly what those awards were for.


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